Saturday, October 04, 2008

Moving Day

These days are always stressful. We need to pick up the furniture in Thornhill, load it on Rich's trailer (my son in law graciously -- no "generously" -- offered to help me move), take part of the load up to King City, go watch Ryan play hockey at noon in Uxbridge, drive the rest of the load North, deliver it there, take a mattress back to Thornhill, then go home. Whew!

I'm riding the bike up North, going to keep it up there where the raods are better anyway!

I'm packing a small camera bag, just the D300, long lens and normal lens. Watch. There will be the perfect shot for the wide angle... OK, I just packed that in too! There won't be a lot of time for picture taking, but maybe I can get some hockey pictures at Ryan's game.

It's 6:30am -- gotta run. Catch you later!

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