Friday, October 10, 2008

Hi from up North!

I'm in my house in Minden -- "TrueNorth", I call it. I came up with another carload of "stuff" and I have my work cut out for me this weekend. All the stuff I moved last week is sitting in my computer room, needing putting away, organizing, etc.

I did manage to find my Creative Zen Vision M which is a good thing, because I forgot my 1Tb backup drive at home, and I only have 8Gb available on the laptop hard drive. I'm waiting for the drive upgrade (apparently Vista makes it difficult to "Ghost" a drive and they want my computer for a couple of days to do the job. I'm going from a 100Gb drive to a 250Gb drive. That should be good enough for a week or two...

I took some time out at dusk to shoot some images. Just a few, I hope you like them:

You know what's interesting about this image? I didn't do ANYTHING to it. OK, I cropped off the bottom a little, but that's all. No PhotoShop. No extra saturation. That's really what the colours look like up here this year, I told you they're spectacular.

This one was enhanced a little bit, but not the trees! I exposed for the trees, so the sky was blown out a bit and the dock was too dark, so I darkened one and lightened the other.

I have to downsize my images a bit... uploading from this location (I'm on satellite here and it's slow) wait right here, I'll be right back.

OK I'm back. These took a lot less time:

I couldn't get this guy to turn around. He was across the water and couldn't hear me. 200mm lens, of course.

Now the following are 4 different treatments of the same subject -- not the same shot, 4 different ones, but handled differently. Which one(s) do you prefer?

I used PhotoShop's "Cutout" filter -- twice. This image was really noisy because I shot it at ISO 3200 just to see what it would look like. Right. It's noisy. So the cutout filter converts it to "art" and the noise is gone.

I kind of like this composition. I dodged the underbrush under the trees a little, and except for sharpening and cropping, that's all I did.

Tight shot, landscape orientation...

...and portrait.

OK, I'm setting the alarm for 5:55am tomorrow and going to try to get some sunrise pictures. I scouted out a spot, let's see if it'll be what I think it looks like.

a demain!