Friday, December 28, 2012

Blast from the Past

Fifty Two for Fifty Two

I did it! A year ago, I promised myself I'd post weekly and I did. This is the fifty-second post in 2012. One per week. I've made 220 posts since starting this blog. Yahoo!

It's all my fault

Toronto got 6" of snow. Niagara got 9". Peterborough got 6". Barrie got 6". Montreal got 18" of snow in the biggest one day snow fall in years. Ottawa is still getting snow. The snow was knee high in Bancroft. I got an ATV with a snow plow. We only got 2". I plowed both of them.

Rosa at her brother's place north of Bancroft on Saturday afternoon BEFORE it snowed! They got another 6" or more overnight on Saturday.
Photo by her friend Galya.

Another shot by Galya. Again Saturday before the big snowfall. Damned powerlines...

On Red Umbrella Road Christmas night.
No snow pictures to show you, so here's an out-of-focus Christmas tree...
A blast from the past

So because there didn't seem to be anything interesting out there to shoot, I decided to finally set up my slide scanner and digitize some old slides. You listening, Bob? I did it at last! I promised Bob the slide scanner when I was done with it! What held me up was people telling me that it wouldn't work with Windows 7. Google is your friend... I found a workaround and even installed the new version of the Nikon Scan software.

So I thought I'd share some pictures from a "few" years ago. All of these pictures were on Kodachrome 25, 35mm. Depending when, I either shot them with a Nikkormat FTn, a Canon AE-1 or a pocket Olympus camera I carried in my ski pack!

They did have snow in December on top of Mt. Whiteface in New York. Oh by the way, this was in 1976! 

I took this in Arizona in August 1972. Yes, 40 years ago! 

A macro shot from 1971. I believe I used extension tubes and an 85mm lens for this one.

This is the glacier from near the top of Mont Blanc on the French/Swiss/Italian border. I shot it in August 1971. It was hot and sunny at the base of the mountain and bloody cold, I remember, after taking the cable car to the top! BTW this one has no border because I cropped off a fence railing at the bottom. All the other ones are full frame.

Somewhere in Colorado in 1972.  

One more picture from the past to share with you:

Another shot from the Painted Desert in Arizona in 1972. This is actually better than the original because I was able to open up the shadows in the foreground in Lightroom, something you couldn't do back then. You got what you got, shooting Kodachrome and mailing the film in to Kodak for processing! I'm guessing this was shot with my Nikkormat and a 50mm lens, maybe with a polarizing filter on it.
Happy 2013 to everyone!

My wish for everyone for next year is that it exceed your expectations. I wish you all health and happiness in the new year.


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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The year is coming to a close...

And at last, it's snowing outside! The forecast for Thursday night (it's now Saturday) was for up to 11" of snow here: I think we got 11mm! I could still see my grass. But it's snowing right now and the guy across the road is plowing his parking lot. Guess that means I get to take my ATV out and do my driveway! I think I'll let the township pass down the road first so I can clear the "cone" they make at the head of my driveway. Anyway, "Yahoo!" Winter.

(PS: it's later in the day. I went out and plowed with the ATV, the whole 2" of snow that we got! Having some issues with the switch that controls the winch (and the plow blade), I hope that's all it is. Up works, down doesn't always.)

Need I remind you that making quality winter pictures requires some forethought? Look over on the right to see my Guide to winter photography, and download it!

People try to take advantage

I read an ad in the local paper this morning calling for entries to the Haliburton Tourism photo contest. I'm not entering. I went to their website and discovered

  1. You have to be on FaceBook or Twitter to submit images. 
  2. It wants to install an app on your computer and you have to give it permission to "post on your behalf" which to me means I would allow them to pretend they're me and post on facebook as if it was me doing so. I'm not paranoid, that's what it says on the subtext.
  3. No manipulation, no composites. I get it, but that means you can't even clone out a power line or do an HDR.
  4. Here's the biggie. They ask for "a royalty-free, world-wide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to display, distribute, reproduce, and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or subsequently developed, for any County of Haliburton purpose, including, but not limited to advertising and promotional materials, its website, exhibition, and commercial products, including but not limited to County of Haliburton publications. The County of Haliburton will not be required to pay any additional consideration or seek any additional approval in connection with such uses".
It's the 'commercial products, the "derivative works" and the "not limited to.." aspects that bother me.

I wrote them an email saying I'd be delighted to contribute to Tourism Haliburton, and I have some worthwhile images for them, but under my terms. I said, instead of the fancy legal terms, why not say something like, "we have the right to use your pictures on our website and even on our printed advertising, but if there's going to be any other use made of it, we will ask your permission first."

I'm sure it will fall on deaf ears but it was cathartic to write it.

Moving forward in 2013

There are some things I want to do with my life going forward. I'm going to be 67 this year. It's now or never! This isn't a New Year's Resolution, simply a goal to make some of the things I've been considering and preparing turn into concrete actions. They include:

  • Consider where I am as an artist. I had a great conversation with Rosa yesterday in which I tried to convince her that by practicing and studying and reading and learning what the rules are (whether you follow them or not) you gain technical expertise and can therefore devote more attention to your art. She responded that all of that was horse manure, just go out and do what your passion tells you. I still think I'm right, in the sense that you can't do that if the technical stuff isn't instinctive but I do get what she's saying.
  • Commercialize or monetize. Don't get me wrong, I hate blogs that are constantly and transparently trying to sell you something (the ones written by NAPP staffers come to mind), but at this point I do need some income from this stuff. Again I don't mean the blog... I mean training courses and materials, marketing some photographs, teaching.
  • Explore other media. Writing: there's that novel that really wants to come out of me. Painting: despite my best intentions, I haven't tried it yet. Music: I'll never be any good (not in this life, anyway!) but I get passionate listening to great musicians. 
  • Travel. I want to go places I can experience some of these things before it's too late. I haven't travelled in a long time. I need to.
  • Relationships. I don't want to talk about that here, but it's something I need to address.
It's going to be a busy year.

February is already a busy month: there's an art show I plan to attend (The Artist Project 2013), I'm doing a presentation to the Richmond Hill Camera Club on HDR techniques, and I'm judging a competition at Toronto Camera Club. More to come!

Killer deal from B&H

If you're reading this before the end of 2012, you have to go to the B&H site and see this offer for a Nikon D600 outfit at an $850 discount. I wish it had been there when I bought mine, but then I wouldn't have 3 months of pictures with it under my belt, would I?

There's also my D300 outfit for sale:

If you're interested, I shot this in the light tent with one single off-camera Speedlight (SB600) pointing up. I overexposed it on purpose to blow out the background and I enhanced the detail in Photoshop using Topaz Adjust.

Everything you see here. What a great Christmas gift! Now in my Kijiji ad, I say $1200 (someone else is offering just the camera and lens for $1350 firm! Look at all my goodies!) but if you're reading it here, let's talk. Check out the Kijiji ad for more details or contact me directly!


The world out there hasn't inspired me to shoot much in the past weeks. Maybe with snow on the ground, I'll feel more like getting out there. But in the meantime...

Winter's on its way! But it's not here yet... the lake isn't hard! Here's an unusual shot, you can only get at this time of year (actually you can see this in the dead of winter in fast water).

Iced Cap

The water washing over the rock froze in place. But the lake is still liquid! 

I went back and got my 10x ND filter so I could shoot this 15 second time exposure. The red colour snuck in there: I think it was the sun reflecting off the ND filter. So I emphasized it. Again, the rocks have a cap of ice. 

This ATV was sitting in the parking lot next door. HDR + Oil Paint filter makes it surreal.

This guy was working in the parking lot. He works at the Inn and I don't think I've ever seen him without a cigarette hanging from his mouth. This a really tight crop out of a long telephoto shot.. I just liked the character study. 

I drive past this sculpture all the time: it's on Water Street, one of the main roads into Minden. It's very 'kitch' but I thought it was quite cool in the snow. I fixed the eyes in Photoshop because they were covered with snow, but they realistically match the eyes the sculptor put in there, you can see it in a bear further down.
That's it for this weekend: it's more interesting out there now, let's see what I can come up with for next time!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve twelve twelve

It's the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012
I actually posted a message on the TIF forum at 12:12:12 today, just "because". Someone came back and said, "oh, great. It's the end of the world..."

I've got to stop...
With the lousy weather over the past few weeks, I haven't been out shooting many pictures. As I said earlier, it's hard to get motivated. Add a level of stress on top of that over some personal issues and I've been doing what I do best: eat.

So you understand the labels better, my late father came up with this one. When he was in hospital, I asked if I could bring him anything. He said, "female dark chocolate". When I shook my head and asked what that was, he said, "NO NUTS". Not bad for a guy of 90. Anyway, I come by it honestly. "Hi, my name is Glenn and I'm a choco-holic". This is only PART of my stash...

Anyway that has to stop today, for at least a little while. And getting out for a walk every day. 10 lbs by Christmas?

Get my eBook!

56 iPad sized pages chock full of hints, ideas and examples of how to improve your winter pictures! A fully featured PDF book for only $2, with a 100% money-back guarantee! How can you NOT get a copy? Click here...

Auto-ISO HDR's
I mentioned shooting bracketed shots for HDR, setting the camera to auto-ISO.

To learn more about why and how, go to my tech blog for a short tutorial...

A few images from this week
I did get out to shoot a few images this week other than the HDR's.

This was shot by opening the aperture all the way and focusing short, on something not even in the picture. 

Here's another one. The nice soft round light shapes is called "Bokeh" and the 70-200 lens has a very pleasing one. 

Winter's on its way!

There are icicles hanging on the rock faces where the highway was cut through.  
Some more wallpaper for you!

If you want a new background to look at on your computer, here's one for you! The wallpaper versions of this image do not have the watermark in the corner. I've prepared two sizes, this one for a widescreen monitor and this one for a regular monitor. Just click the appropriate link, then right-click on the image to download it. 

If you do use the image, please let me know by email, or just click the Google +1 icon at the bottom of this post and reference +faczen (I think that's how it works!) If there are any other of my images you'd like to have as wallpaper, drop me a note and tell me which one(s)! And you can get a large sized art print as well! Just send me an email.

I should have some more for you by the weekend. At the very least, I have to shoot for the December Rally on The Imaging Forum (TIF). You can too! It's a great group of 100 friendly, motivated people with lots of tips and discussions and images to share, so come on over! It's free and easy.

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Announcing... my new eBook!

Hot off the presses! Final version (OK, well unless I find more typos!) uploaded 5 minutes ago.

56 iPad sized pages chock full of hints, ideas and examples of how to improve your winter pictures! A fully featured PDF book!

This book has content for everyone from the novice shooter on up: with one caveat — you have to go one step beyond being a point-and-shoot snapshooter and read the manual you got with your camera.

Here's a couple of excerpts:

I’ve deliberately NOT written this in the typical “Tutorial” style. I’ve tried to make it more conversational because I think that you’ll get more out of it if I don’t tell you HOW to do something and I don’t focus on WHAT to do. Instead as you read this, you should understand WHY more, which leaves you free to find your own solutions.
That said, it’s pretty basic. Read the text, look at the images, and you’ll see what I had in mind when I made the pictures.
Unless you’re comfortable, you’re probably going to give up and go inside BEFORE that perfect shot appears, because you’re too cold to sit there and be patient.
Oh, and don’t run with scissors. Your mother told you that. That’s a rule you DON’T break. All the others are fair game.
 I'm excited for several reasons:

  • I met my deadline, it's out in time for the season, just before any serious winter has set in (here, anyway!)
  • It worked out really well! I created it in InDesign and the layout works on the iPad or on the computer, and
  • Everyone who has read it so far LOVES IT!
Is it FREE?

Well... almost. Price of a cup of coffee. $2. And if you're not satisfied when you get it, I'll refund 100% of your money! Just send me an email and tell me you want your $2 back and it's done. Sound fair? (You be fair too, and don't give away free copies...)

How do I get it?

You go to this web page: and click the link button to the Winter Guide. On the next page is a "buy now" button that takes you to Paypal. Once you complete the order, the next page contains a download button. Once you download it, you can right click to save it.

Someone showed me that if you download it in Safari on an iPad, just tap on the document and a pop-up menu will let you save it to iBooks or whatever your reader is. 

Tell your friends, it's a great stocking-stuffer! 

It's still not quite winter

Still rough taking pictures out there. I did see some likely shots on Friday while driving to Toronto, but I was in a hurry and couldn't stop. I got home after dark. I'll try to get out again tomorrow: there's ice crusted on the rock cuts on highway 35 — I've shot them in years past but they make great images so I want to get some fresh ones.

It did snow a little today, here's the result:

Not much snow yet, but I was intrigued by both the texture and the colour contrast of the pine needles. I used Silver Efex Pro to do some selective colorization and to add a funky border.
I commented a while ago that we had a family of Mallards living on the lake in the bay just off my dock. They're still here: who took the "migratory" out of the "migratory birds"? I'm told they'll leave when we get hard water, and then they go to the Toronto Islands where the fast flowing water doesn't freeze. Can you say "global warming"?

This shows what kind of a day it was today. Snow mixed with rain and fog.  
That's it for pictures. I've been too busy writing and editing and publishing and... more to come!

And buy my eBook!

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Spinning Wheels

The title of this week's blog post is allegorical. No, I'm not out there on the ATV, spinning wheels in the ice and snow... I'm in here, biding my time, waiting for winter.

Or more correctly, waiting for this crummy weather to end. I LIKE winter. I revel in crisp, white, squeaky snow. I enjoy getting out and walking in it, I have fun clearing it, shovel and snowblower last year and ATV this year, I like putting on a down jacket and boots and hat and gloves and seeing my breath. Or watching big fat snowflakes fall.

What woke me up this morning was the sound of rain on my roof. The snow on the ground is gone, there's a steady downpour going on out there. I DON'T like cold, damp, rainy days, the temperature hovering a touch above freezing, a cold rain, gloomy days even at 11am (when I'm writing this). I said I'd try to do something more upbeat this week, but it's really hard when it's so ugly outside.

The trick is to stay inside. So the other day (yes, it's been going on for a while), I threw another log on the fire, made a fresh pot of coffee, and sat down to catch up with some of the stuff that needs doing. I find myself forgetting things, or not doing them because they're not top-of-mind, so I made a "To Do" list and posted it on the fridge. Not for short term things, but for projects and the like. There are actually 16 items on it (18 now, I thought of two more and pencilled them in). Daunting. Do I do them one at a time in prioritized sequence, or try to multi-task? In the 3 days since I wrote it, I've addressed exactly ONE of the items, and that because I had to. Today might be the day...

Speaking of staying inside

What's a more welcoming assault on the senses than a cheery roaring fire? How about the smell of freshly baked bread?


...and after!  

I forced myself to go out and shoot a couple of pictures this morning, in the rain. The Inn across the road still had their Christmas tree lights lit (see? Daylight, and they're still bright!), so I thought I'd try again for a mood picture. Pictures don't have to be pretty all the time, do they?

I took a few frames, not liking what the metering was giving me when I looked at the back of the camera, then when I got inside, I put them together in HDR Efex Pro. I chose a monochrome preset, then masked out the lights with a couple of control points. A vignette in Lightroom 4 finished it off.  

In contrast, the same scene a couple of days ago looked like this. See what I mean about winter?

Not quite there. Wait until the snow's a foot deep and there's some structure in the sky! There's more processing in this image, an HDR, masked layers in Photoshop, and a white vignette this time in Lightroom. Although it's colder out, there's a sense of warmth and invitation in this image.

Automatic ISO revisited

While I was at it this morning, I shot a few frames on Auto-ISO. I still haven't done it right for testing and reporting purposes, though. I was on "A" (aperture-priority) and the camera bumped up against the upper limit I had set, so I didn't get true ISO bracketing, it selected a slower shutter speed for the lighter shot, while maxxing out the ISO at 6400.

It works pretty well, actually. The 3 exposures were at ISO 1400, 5600 and 6400 and although there is some noise in the composited image, it's not bad and Lightroom took care of a lot of it. I used a couple of control points in Nik HDR Efex to bring the red flag saturation back in.  


As some of you know, I run a First Aid supply company. I also have some medical issues including two persistent cancers. Back in 2006, I created a free Emergency Medical Information Card for myself and then posted it for other people to download.

I believe that everyone should carry an Emergency Medical Information Card in their wallet or purse. Maybe you don't have any allergies or medical conditions that emergency staff should know about, but shouldn't you have something that tells them whom to contact in an emergency, that tells them who your doctor is?

So here's the link to an interactive .pdf form. You open it and fill it out (nothing goes out online, it's completely private), then print it out. You can laminate it at Staples like I do. I strongly urge everyone to print one out for themselves and all their loved ones.

Here's the link again. Cut and paste it to an email to people you care about.

There is absolutely no cost asked or implied. All that I ask is maybe that you visit my blog from time to time and tell others about it.

Some Wallpaper for you

On a cheerier note, I decided to emulate one of the other bloggers I read regularly (Anne McKinnell. She and her husband are embarking on their second nomadic year in a motorhome, and posts great images from the wonderful places she visits that put you vicariously there I have to figure out how she managed to build up 30,000 followers!).

She selects the occasional image and makes it available as wallpaper (the computer kind. I have a very eclectic mix of followers here...). Many people like to change their background images from time to time, and I thought I'd offer some of mine occasionally. Here's the first one.

The wallpaper versions of this do not have my watermark in the corner and you are free to use them non-commercially. I prepared two sizes: this one is for a wide-screen monitor, and this one is for a regular monitor. Simply click the appropriate link, and right-click the image to download it 

If you do use the image, please let me know by email, or just click the Google +1 icon at the bottom of this post and reference +faczen (I think that's how it works!) If there are any other of my images you'd like to have as wallpaper, drop me a note and tell me which one(s)!

One last thing...

A few months ago, I mentioned that I have a source for full coloured, double sided, full bleed photographic business cards for $20 for 1000 cards. An incredible price. How about making some as a Christmas gift for someone (or for yourself!). Here's a link to the original post or drop me a note by email for more information. Time's running short!

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