Friday, December 28, 2012

Blast from the Past

Fifty Two for Fifty Two

I did it! A year ago, I promised myself I'd post weekly and I did. This is the fifty-second post in 2012. One per week. I've made 220 posts since starting this blog. Yahoo!

It's all my fault

Toronto got 6" of snow. Niagara got 9". Peterborough got 6". Barrie got 6". Montreal got 18" of snow in the biggest one day snow fall in years. Ottawa is still getting snow. The snow was knee high in Bancroft. I got an ATV with a snow plow. We only got 2". I plowed both of them.

Rosa at her brother's place north of Bancroft on Saturday afternoon BEFORE it snowed! They got another 6" or more overnight on Saturday.
Photo by her friend Galya.

Another shot by Galya. Again Saturday before the big snowfall. Damned powerlines...

On Red Umbrella Road Christmas night.
No snow pictures to show you, so here's an out-of-focus Christmas tree...
A blast from the past

So because there didn't seem to be anything interesting out there to shoot, I decided to finally set up my slide scanner and digitize some old slides. You listening, Bob? I did it at last! I promised Bob the slide scanner when I was done with it! What held me up was people telling me that it wouldn't work with Windows 7. Google is your friend... I found a workaround and even installed the new version of the Nikon Scan software.

So I thought I'd share some pictures from a "few" years ago. All of these pictures were on Kodachrome 25, 35mm. Depending when, I either shot them with a Nikkormat FTn, a Canon AE-1 or a pocket Olympus camera I carried in my ski pack!

They did have snow in December on top of Mt. Whiteface in New York. Oh by the way, this was in 1976! 

I took this in Arizona in August 1972. Yes, 40 years ago! 

A macro shot from 1971. I believe I used extension tubes and an 85mm lens for this one.

This is the glacier from near the top of Mont Blanc on the French/Swiss/Italian border. I shot it in August 1971. It was hot and sunny at the base of the mountain and bloody cold, I remember, after taking the cable car to the top! BTW this one has no border because I cropped off a fence railing at the bottom. All the other ones are full frame.

Somewhere in Colorado in 1972.  

One more picture from the past to share with you:

Another shot from the Painted Desert in Arizona in 1972. This is actually better than the original because I was able to open up the shadows in the foreground in Lightroom, something you couldn't do back then. You got what you got, shooting Kodachrome and mailing the film in to Kodak for processing! I'm guessing this was shot with my Nikkormat and a 50mm lens, maybe with a polarizing filter on it.
Happy 2013 to everyone!

My wish for everyone for next year is that it exceed your expectations. I wish you all health and happiness in the new year.


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