Sunday, December 09, 2012

Announcing... my new eBook!

Hot off the presses! Final version (OK, well unless I find more typos!) uploaded 5 minutes ago.

56 iPad sized pages chock full of hints, ideas and examples of how to improve your winter pictures! A fully featured PDF book!

This book has content for everyone from the novice shooter on up: with one caveat — you have to go one step beyond being a point-and-shoot snapshooter and read the manual you got with your camera.

Here's a couple of excerpts:

I’ve deliberately NOT written this in the typical “Tutorial” style. I’ve tried to make it more conversational because I think that you’ll get more out of it if I don’t tell you HOW to do something and I don’t focus on WHAT to do. Instead as you read this, you should understand WHY more, which leaves you free to find your own solutions.
That said, it’s pretty basic. Read the text, look at the images, and you’ll see what I had in mind when I made the pictures.
Unless you’re comfortable, you’re probably going to give up and go inside BEFORE that perfect shot appears, because you’re too cold to sit there and be patient.
Oh, and don’t run with scissors. Your mother told you that. That’s a rule you DON’T break. All the others are fair game.
 I'm excited for several reasons:

  • I met my deadline, it's out in time for the season, just before any serious winter has set in (here, anyway!)
  • It worked out really well! I created it in InDesign and the layout works on the iPad or on the computer, and
  • Everyone who has read it so far LOVES IT!
Is it FREE?

Well... almost. Price of a cup of coffee. $2. And if you're not satisfied when you get it, I'll refund 100% of your money! Just send me an email and tell me you want your $2 back and it's done. Sound fair? (You be fair too, and don't give away free copies...)

How do I get it?

You go to this web page: and click the link button to the Winter Guide. On the next page is a "buy now" button that takes you to Paypal. Once you complete the order, the next page contains a download button. Once you download it, you can right click to save it.

Someone showed me that if you download it in Safari on an iPad, just tap on the document and a pop-up menu will let you save it to iBooks or whatever your reader is. 

Tell your friends, it's a great stocking-stuffer! 

It's still not quite winter

Still rough taking pictures out there. I did see some likely shots on Friday while driving to Toronto, but I was in a hurry and couldn't stop. I got home after dark. I'll try to get out again tomorrow: there's ice crusted on the rock cuts on highway 35 — I've shot them in years past but they make great images so I want to get some fresh ones.

It did snow a little today, here's the result:

Not much snow yet, but I was intrigued by both the texture and the colour contrast of the pine needles. I used Silver Efex Pro to do some selective colorization and to add a funky border.
I commented a while ago that we had a family of Mallards living on the lake in the bay just off my dock. They're still here: who took the "migratory" out of the "migratory birds"? I'm told they'll leave when we get hard water, and then they go to the Toronto Islands where the fast flowing water doesn't freeze. Can you say "global warming"?

This shows what kind of a day it was today. Snow mixed with rain and fog.  
That's it for pictures. I've been too busy writing and editing and publishing and... more to come!

And buy my eBook!

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