Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve twelve twelve

It's the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012
I actually posted a message on the TIF forum at 12:12:12 today, just "because". Someone came back and said, "oh, great. It's the end of the world..."

I've got to stop...
With the lousy weather over the past few weeks, I haven't been out shooting many pictures. As I said earlier, it's hard to get motivated. Add a level of stress on top of that over some personal issues and I've been doing what I do best: eat.

So you understand the labels better, my late father came up with this one. When he was in hospital, I asked if I could bring him anything. He said, "female dark chocolate". When I shook my head and asked what that was, he said, "NO NUTS". Not bad for a guy of 90. Anyway, I come by it honestly. "Hi, my name is Glenn and I'm a choco-holic". This is only PART of my stash...

Anyway that has to stop today, for at least a little while. And getting out for a walk every day. 10 lbs by Christmas?

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Auto-ISO HDR's
I mentioned shooting bracketed shots for HDR, setting the camera to auto-ISO.

To learn more about why and how, go to my tech blog for a short tutorial...

A few images from this week
I did get out to shoot a few images this week other than the HDR's.

This was shot by opening the aperture all the way and focusing short, on something not even in the picture. 

Here's another one. The nice soft round light shapes is called "Bokeh" and the 70-200 lens has a very pleasing one. 

Winter's on its way!

There are icicles hanging on the rock faces where the highway was cut through.  
Some more wallpaper for you!

If you want a new background to look at on your computer, here's one for you! The wallpaper versions of this image do not have the watermark in the corner. I've prepared two sizes, this one for a widescreen monitor and this one for a regular monitor. Just click the appropriate link, then right-click on the image to download it. 

If you do use the image, please let me know by email, or just click the Google +1 icon at the bottom of this post and reference +faczen (I think that's how it works!) If there are any other of my images you'd like to have as wallpaper, drop me a note and tell me which one(s)! And you can get a large sized art print as well! Just send me an email.

I should have some more for you by the weekend. At the very least, I have to shoot for the December Rally on The Imaging Forum (TIF). You can too! It's a great group of 100 friendly, motivated people with lots of tips and discussions and images to share, so come on over! It's free and easy.

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