Sunday, October 12, 2008

As a regular feature, I'll be providing some photography tips here. I hope you'll come back frequently to read and comment on them.

No pictures taken today -- I spent the day organizing all the stuff I had shipped up here last week. My office (3rd bedroom) is now more-or-less habitable. The trouble with going through old stuff is that you get sidetracked. I spent a lot of time looking through old pictures instead of unpacking.

Anyway, here's today's tip:

FacZen Photography Tips

Throw an old pair of socks in your camera bag. If you decide not to take the bag with you on a walk-about and you want to carry an extra lens, an old sock is a good thing to put it in. You still have to be careful not to bang it around, of course.

If it rains, you want to protect your equipment. Now your camera is probably pretty water resistant - most of them are well-designed - but water in or on your lens can be a problem, anything with moving parts should be somewhat protected. You can use a plastic bag in a pinch (shooting THROUGH it is not a great idea), pinch the open end under your lens hood or use a rubber band to keep it in place. You might have to cut the bottom out to see through it, but maybe not.

I use a commercial product called a "Storm Jacket" that I bought at or you can find them on eBay. Reasonable, easy to use, packs up small and light.

Here's the kind of photo you can get if you are not afraid to take your camera out in the rain (or snow or…)