Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cool Product

Well actually, "warm product"!

I just thought I'd tell you about a good product I found.

Last January, I paid over $600 for heating oil. I vowed that wouldn't happen again, so (1) I'm burning more wood and (2) I'm keeping the house cooler. I set the temperature back to 64°F (16°C) overnight but it's warm once I'm in bed. In the morning it goes up to 70°F (19°C) but I set it back to 66°F (17°C) during the day.

It gets cool sitting at the computer. Instead of heating up the whole room, I found this radiant heater at Costco for about $60. It heats ME, not the room. It's only 1000 watts but it's only on intermittently so it costs about what a few light bulbs cost to run, and the radiant heat is nice — it's like sitting in front of the fireplace. Here's a picture:

Odd looking picture? I thought you'd never ask! It started as a photo, then I converted it to line art and painted the colour back in by using a mask in Photoshop. Want to know how? Have a look at my technical blog here.


I still have a bunch of studio strobes and stuff for sale that I don't use. It was worth over $5000 new but we all know that means little: the market value should be around $1000-1200, but I really want to get rid of it so I can buy a new lens, so I'm seriously willing to dicker for a quick sale. Everything works. This is your chance to get a complete turnkey setup for next to nothing, so let's talk.

Included are 3 strobes, two with umbrellas. 3 Manfrotto stands, one with a boom arm. A backdrop stand. Two boxes full of muslin backdrops in various colours and assorted other stuff. Even a Gossen lightmeter (twist my arm...). Here's some pictures. CONTACT ME

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