Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who's on Google Plus?

I just opened an account there. I haven't figured out how to find and add people yet, other than searching for them by name. Anyone know how?

Google Plus looks like a much more professional way to share photos and news than Facebook.

If you're on Google Plus, search for me and add me to your circles! Or tell me how to find you. Email me or leave a comment here. If you're not on Google Plus, drop me a note the same way and I'll send you an invite.

BTW, here's the picture I used for my profile. Thanks to Les Palenik for shooting it and letting me use it.

Another question: do you have an iPad? What app do you use for reading Blogs and for RSS streaming?

I've been using BlogShelf but it doesn't seem to come up in the app store any
more. I'd like to look at other options. Drop me a note.

-- 30 --

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