Sunday, April 03, 2011

Renovation time, uh-huh!

Last time I showed you what my bathroom looked like in the middle of the renovation. Here's the before-and-after.

Water damage from a roof problem is what prompted me to get this done.

Part way through...

almost done.

The final product.

Expensive? Yes, too much. The job went over estimate (what else is new?) but the workmanship is great and I love it. Well, about as much as you can love a bathroom!

A couple of notes: the last image is (surprise, surprise) an HDR. I wrote up the procedure how I did it on my technical blog here. If you're getting into doing HDR's you may want to read it.

This is NOT the promised HDR article from the Boynton House conference. I'm still working on that, but the current one will tie nicely into it.