Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy with other stuff

I've been busy with other, non-photo related stuff so I haven't posted here much. Did you miss me?

Taxes, Revenue Canada, working on my First Aid Kit business (you should all have one in your cars and homes as well as your offices and businesses. Check out the new eyewash stations! Visit my company website here). Also as I write this, we're in the middle of a bathroom renovation:

This is in the middle of the renovation. What triggered it is the visible hole in the ceiling where water had been coming in and the ceiling was coming down. Wet insulation was pulled out, the ice damming that caused the leak has been addressed (not solved yet but doesn't need to be until next fall). CS5 HDR toning and monochrome treatment, masked colour layer added.

I did wander out last week and took this picture of the ice huts sitting in the parking lot after they were retrieved from the slowly melting lake. HDR, processed in Photomatix 4 and Topaz.

I set up this table as a bird feeding station. I'm going to build one using a screen and wooden frame on a post, but in the meantime, I wanted something that looked natural so I could get bird pictures without anything artificial in them. I stuck a tree branch in the middle of the table to give them something to stage on before they went down to feed. They use it, but not much yet.

A variety of songbirds visit the feeder.

This is a male 'common redpoll' (carduelis flammea). Not that common, I never saw one here before! With the table about 15' away and the 200mm lens inside the door, he was pretty small in the image so this is a tight crop and blowup.
I'm still working on modifying the HDR presentation I had created so that it works in my technical blog. I had built it as a PowerPoint presentation, so it needs some more reformatting and a bit of a rewrite to get it up on the site. I'll get there soon, after I get through this busy period. Keep coming back!