Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Creative Juices are starting to flow

More input from the world of, "gee it's boring out there". I'm not feeling really creative with the camera in hand, but when I sit down to Photoshop, it gets better.

There's no colour out there. Everything is muted greens and browns, and, especially after the early April snowfall we had, white. Blah. So I did two things: found colour where it was and punched it up in Photoshop, or got rid of it to create monochrome images. I also tried to focus on shapes and motion. Anyway, here's a couple of my efforts:

This image was really of two dull, lifeless, faded canoes. I selectively increased the saturation, painted a reflection of the sky in the open water, and cropped it tightly to emphasize the curves.

Today, as I was driving back to Toronto, I noticed a stark, lonely laneway in a pine forest by the roadside. I made a U-turn, parked and tried unsuccessfully to capture the essence of the scene. Sometimes I see something in a scene but can't figure out how to capture it in camera. I took this shot to record what was there:

Then I shot a few exposures with camera motion (I seem to be stuck temporarily in that genre!). When I got it home and started playing with it in Photoshop, I cropped it and decided that even that effect was boring, so I looked for some filters to add an interesting effect and came up with this result using the reticulation filter.

There's still art out there at this blah time of the year!