Tuesday, July 04, 2017

On the Rock at last

As I write this, my week in Twillingate is coming to a close. I leave tomorrow morning for Trinity, looking to see the Puffins and hopefully whales at Elliston and Bonavista.

By the way, I met up with an acquaintance from the past. I had met Trudy Blugerman through Lori some years ago. She's here for the summer, spending several weeks in Twillingate.  Great tour guide, except she likes to hike too much for me!

In Newfoundland, July 1 is more of a memorial day than a commemoration of Canada's birth. They hold ceremonies all over the province to remember the Newfoundland regiment decimated in World War 1.  There was a wreath-laying ceremony in Twillingate as well.

Twillingate is about icebergs. This time of year, anyway. At one point I climbed to the outlook at Pikes Arm where you can see across the channel to the Change Islands and in the distance, Fogo Island. That's "Iceberg Alley".

It was an arduous climb up what seemed like 1000 steps. I brought only my long lens with me so I couldn't get a panorama (forgot my iPhone too!) so this is just a narrow view of the channel 

If you thought the icebergs were small, guess again.

From the same spot. Does this give you a sense of scale? And the locals say that sometimes the 'bergs are kilometers long. 

I have so many iceberg shots I don't know what to show you. Here are a couple more:

I shot this from the knoll overlooking the town of Crow Head at sunset. There were a number of photographers there and they all went home just before I shot this! (heh, heh!). 

Icebergs have blue streaks going through them and sometimes they're positioned so that you can see the light right through them. I'll leave it to you and your friend "Google" to figure out why!

I shot this from "Skipper Jim's" boat while on a tour. That's one way to get to see icebergs 'up close and personal'.  

Skipper Jim and the Galactic Mariner.

An Osprey chick on the nest, as seen from Jim's boat. 

There are lots of birds here. I saw gannets dive bombing for herring, but I don't have good pictures (yet!).

Black-backed Gull about to take off

Greater Yellowlegs in a tidal pool 

I said I wasn't going to turn this into a travelogue, but that seems to be what I did. Forgive me! Too many pictures,  it's hard to choose what to share! Let's get back on track.

Twillingate is also about rustic outports and fishing stages (that's what the little shack/pier combinations are called). A little bit picturesque ('ya think?')

Trudy knew the gentleman who built/owns this stage. I ended up coming back here and as we speak, I have started an oil painting (not of this one but its neighbour). 

While I was working on my painting, I found a little chunk of iceberg floating just in front of me. I hacked off a couple of pieces and took them home.

A glass of million-year-old icewater. Went well to wash down my dinner from last night . Blow it up to see the refracted image in the glass stem!

"when in Rome..."

Parting shots

Last night I went up to the Long Point Lighthouse in Crow Head hoping for some star shots. The moon was too bright, but I did get this one:

And if you ever travel to Newfoundland, don't neglect the West coast. This is just outside a little town called "Three Rock Cove" and it's on a peninsula called "Port au Port" just outside Stephenville. Give it a day in that area, not an hour like I did (if I come back that way, I'll spend more time there).

More to come!

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