Monday, August 05, 2013

It's mid-Summer!

Well here in the Northern hemisphere, anyway. I suppose it's not technically mid-summer, but the August long weekend always feels that way. It would feel more that way if it was warmer! As I type this, it's 13°C outside (what's that, 55°F?). I know it will get warmer during the day, but what happened to the 25° days? I haven't been in swimming in over a week!

Anyway, you know what's coming, right?

Last year. It's coming... 

What reminded me was someone ordered my "Guide to Shooting Better Fall Colours", which prompted me to revisit the site to make sure the links are still working so that they were able to download it, and to read the eBook again.

As an aside, Einstein said that the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. They didn't have the internet when he said that... of course that's insane anyway... But the reason I said it was because I didn't remember how I had set it up, a 'senior's moment'!

So yes, it is working and yes, I read it again. Listen, folks: I read a lot of training and "how-to" documents and I've written a lot of them. I have to say this is one of the better ones I've ever done (if I do say so myself!) and I'm going to tell you it's worth a read. Especially if you're relatively new to photography but even if you're experienced, you will find that it gets you to look at some things with a different perspective.

So if you haven't read it, go to and follow the bouncing ball to download it. And if you know someone else who will benefit from a quick overview on how to take better pictures (not just fall colours!), pass the link on to them as well.

I'll stand by my guarantee: it's all of $2.00. If for ANY reason you want your money back, I'll unhesitatingly send it to you. Just ask.

Xume filter adapter

I showed it to a couple of photographers (both named "Kevin"!) at the white water the other day. They were duly impressed and said they were going to order a set. I put a link over on the right: check it out!

Missed opportunity

There was a wedding at the Inn across the road from me the other night. They had a huge fireworks show! I didn't know about it in advance, so by the time I thought about shooting it, I figured it was about to end (do you know how much fireworks cost?), so I didn't set up the camera. But it turns out I was wrong. It went on continuously for over 20 minutes. So I missed the opportunity. Message to self:

   ■ when you see something is going on, go over and chat with them to find out what's happening,
   ■ take the chance, and
   ■ don't assume. That makes an ASS out of U and ME.

The Highland Yard

It's a running event that's been going on in Minden for the last 36 years. I shot some pictures last year and thought I'd go out and do some this year. I tried to make them less "ordinary" so I played around with angles and slow shutter speeds but I was drawn to people's faces and emotions. I shot over 500 frames (unusual for me) and flagged almost half of them as "keepers", or at least worthy of a second glance.

Just a few stood out. But for the sake of a story here, I'll sequence them chronologically...

Before the race. Here's the start/finish line on Minden's main street, which was closed down for the event.  

Waiting for the start. White bibs were 10K runners (shown here), red ones were 5K and the blue ones were for the shorter walk, mostly for kids.  

The kids, waiting to go. Some were concentrating fiercely, no response when I told them to wave for the camera! 

See what I mean? Does this kid want to win, or what? 

Cool shoes! I didn't have to do much to this picture in Photoshop, you need sunglasses to look at these shoes! 

...and they're off! Some motion blur to convey the action! 

Another action shot at the start 

While waiting for the runners to return, some spectators ran across the finish line. Did dad let him win? "Oh, no, you beat me!" 

This kid was the best! He ran the finish several times for the camera! 

Here they come for real! 

Mother and daughter? Remember, I was having fun shooting people! 

After 5K. Love the expression! 

This was the best photo story of the day. Mother and son? I'm guessing, but her name is Abbey McRae and his is Chris Marton. They were jogging in to the finish, side by side, when Chris decided he was going to beat her. And he took off like a jackrabbit! Abbey looked at him and responded, so this was a full blown, down to the wire sprint! The crowd cheered... and Abbey won by 67/1000's of a second! 

I have lots more images but I thought I'd post this one for my lady readers. According to his hat, this fellow is an OPP officer, out of uniform! Guys, I'll get you a shot or two next time, OK? Wait for it. 

Parting Shots

I haven't mastered the "Milky Way" shot yet. Here's my latest try, from last night.

Behind my house. For those who care, 30 seconds at f/2.8, ISO 6400, 17mm on D600 full frame. Polarizing filter on board (I forgot about it, frankly). What's interesting is the glow in the sky, not visible to the naked eye. Now there's really nothing in that direction (Carnarvon is to the left and Minden to the right. Nearest town is Haliburton about 25km away, that could be the orange on the left. I'm thinking the green is the Aurora Borealis... 

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