Sunday, September 02, 2012

A nice visit

Last week, my mom came to visit for a couple of days. When she reads this, she'll know I didn't really mind when she scrubbed my just-cleaned kitchen counters ("I moved the toaster and there were some bread crumbs under it"!). That's what moms do.

She enjoyed the great weather, sat outside and marveled at the birds coming to the feeders — there would have been more but I only filled them the morning of the second day — chatted with a neighbour and petted his little Pomeranian, 'Bear'. My mom has a thing for furry little cute dogs. I was glad she could come up, she's going to be 91 this month and her outings are few and far between.

We went into Minden and did a few errands. Although she hasn't been there before, the town has some similarity to others she's visited over the years and it seemed to kindle some fond memories. Then I took her to my favourite spot, the Minden Wild Water Preserve, where we carefully negotiated a gravelly slope with her walker in tow, down to the water's edge.

I didn't take a lot of pictures during her visit, in fact I think I only took the camera out once, during the white water excursion. But when I reviewed the images, I saw that I might be able to present an interesting storyboard to put you there with us in the moment.

Here's where we sat, by the edge of the water.

This is one of my favourite spots. I can be lost in the rushing water forever — it is as close as I come to meditation, I daresay. After several minutes, I could see that my mom felt the same way. She seemed to relax and feel the peace in the moment.

Some time later, a pair of kayakers came along to challenge the river and play in the white water.

Mom was at first fascinated but a little fearful

When one of the boaters started playing in the waterfall, you could see her starting to worry and be a little concerned for his safety.

When they made it through, she relaxed and could see how much fun they were having.

And then she was able to turn her mind back to the calming, relaxing atmosphere by the river. As we sat there, we talked about what it was like at our country place, 'Ivry North', where we spent our free time some 50 years ago. I think she now has a better idea why I like living up here in the Highlands.

I look forward to repeating this visit when she turns 92!

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