Saturday, January 07, 2012

A bright light is gone

My dear friend Frances Goodman Pellatt passed away last night.
She was 65 years old.

Fran was a bright light in my life and I'm really going to miss her.

My thoughts go out to all of those she loved and touched,
especially to her family. She leaves a very big hole in our hearts.

Bye, Fran. Love you.

— 30 —


  1. Hester1:58 pm

    Glenn, thanks for the lovely tribute. I already miss Fran so very much!

  2. Harold8:10 am

    Sorry for your lost of a dear friend.

  3. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Sorry to hear about your Friend Glenn - it's always so sad when you lose someone important - it leaves such an empty space.


  4. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Glenn I left a comment about your store front photos and your friend's website - he does have beautiful photos. I love the wolves - did he go to a sanctuary or somewhere like that - I noticed a male in the background - he looks like he was carrying a tripod and camera. I would love to go to a place like that and take photos. As for you not knowing your niche - I say shoot what you feel and what moves you - shake it up a little and keep those creative juices flowing.

    1. Anonymous8:36 pm

      ok that comment was from Michelle - still trying to figure out how all this works lol