Monday, May 09, 2011

A weekend shooting pictures with friends

This weekend was supposed to be a workshop for new DSLR users but (a) I left the advertising too late and (b) I had totally forgotten it was Mother's Day, so I didn't have any (paying) takers.

I did have a few friends come up to shoot trilliums. They were just barely open -- we were a few days early -- but we had fun anyway. Here's one shot I worked on, with remote flash backlighting and a reflector dish out front, and some (ok, more than "some"!) postprocessing:

We went out at dawn on Saturday in a huge amount of mist and fog. You always get some shots, though and it was worth it -- more for them than for me. Here's a shot I did of Shannon shooting a photo. The water levels are as high as I've ever seen them so this picnic table site was flooded.

Saturday night we stayed up for sunset shots, and were disappointed. A clear sky, no good colours. But we hung around until the stars came out. This is one of my images, taken above the dock at the Red Umbrella Inn across the road from my house. The moon was just a crescent, but there's no sign of anything but a round shape in this image. It overwhelms the lighting, of course. The orange glow on the horizon has to be the remnants of sunset, because the nearest town is about 60km away in that direction! We were playing around with a flashlight, painting the trees with light during the 30-second exposures. It may not have been necessary in this case.

Thanks to Ron, Shannon, Linda and Liz for making me get up and out at 4:00 am! We need to do this again. And watch this space for my upcoming workshop series!
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  1. Fantastic Weekend of shooting, talking cameras, photoshop and all things photographic. Great food,Lasagne to die for and amazing inspiration from the artistic eyes that all see the same scene in different ways.

    This will always be remembered as the weekend of the Beaver!