Thursday, July 13, 2006

Newfoundland Trip Day 7

Interesting day. A new couple showed up at the B&B last night, from Brampton, ON. I knew they would be interesting to talk to the moment I laid eyes on them – or at least on the camera equipment they were carrying! Each of them had a Canon 20D, hers had a 200mm f/3.5 pro lens (white) on it, but his had a humungous 400mm f/2.8 lens that looked about the same size as a 55-gallon oil drum. It weighed every bit of 12 lbs and I’m going to guess the diameter of the front of the lens was at least 150mm. We talked a lot of photography at breakfast and we went our separate ways. They were heading South and I was going North.

Oddly enough, when I walked into a TCH restaurant for lunch just before the turnoff at Clarenville, there they were! They had indeed gone South, but the fog was so thick that they decided to cut that part of their trip short and head for Grand Falls where they were visiting relatives. For the record, that restaurant was at least 200km from where we started. “Zen Spotting” again.

I left the B&B in the rain. About an hour North, I ran out of it and it cleared a bit only to start again after I stopped. It rained on and off all day. There was a tremendous amount of fog as I rode the TCH , which fortunately lifted as I headed up 230 towards Trinity. But it was touch and go for a while. Oh, and the winds were vicious again, this time gusty, not continuous like yesterday. Tough riding.

I got some pretty good pictures at Cape Spear (the Easternmost point in North America). I almost abandoned going to Signal Hill but when I checked on the GPS it would have only saved me a few km so I went there anyway. I made a cellphone call to Lori from there – I would have been surprised had there been no cellphone signal at the most famous radio transmission spot in the world!

I arrived at Trinity around 6pm and found the cabin. Awesome. Not the prettiest place in the world, but here I sit at the kitchen table drinking a fresh cup of coffee I made, warm and dry in this little 2 bedroom cabin with all the amenities (OK, no air conditioning. But it’s cool outside!) including a stove and fridge. I went to a little grocery store and bought fixin’s for breakfast. I decided to stay here for two nights.

The guy at Trinity Cabins (his name is Glenn) recommended a restaurant in Trinity called “The Docks”. I had the best dinner there this evening of the trip so far. Their seafood platter consisted of cod, salmon and they substituted shrimp for the cod tongues (I suppose I should at least taste them once. The concept turns me off). I asked for a salad in lieu of potatoes, etc and got the BEST salad – it was filled with pieces of shrimp and lobster, not just the odd one but lots of it! I complimented the chef and promised I’d return tomorrow for dinner again! Their lobster was fresh caught and $25, I may have that tomorrow.

There’s supposed to be internet access at the library in Trinity. Wonder if it’s WiFi?

Well, time to finish up working on today’s pictures and doing my backups. Tomorrow I’m going up to Elliston where I remember there is a wildlife sanctuary known for viewing Puffins. If the weather’s good, I’ll visit some out ports as well (also assuming the roads are paved – not a given here!). “Tickle Cove” tickles my fancy. Apparently the Capelin are running (they’re little fish like smelts, and they shoal in the millions), which attracts the whales, so I may get to see some. I may end up on a little boat cruise if I have time – they can’t promise whales, but they do promise eagles and I’m anxious to use my long lens!

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