Thursday, July 13, 2006

Newfoundland Trip Day 10

I made it as far as South Brook, on the TCH. I’m a couple of hundred km from Cornerbrook where I have to go for my tires tomorrow.

Today was a travel day, I got started around 9 but had to wait for the Fogo Island ferry. Then I rode up to Twillingate to look around. Great little town – I’m sorry I couldn’t stay. Then I boogied down the 340 to the TCH and I’m here.

Fogo Island was definitely worth a visit. And a couple of interesting people on the ferry.

When I got here, there was a biker from Louisiana here, on a ‘wing with a trailer. He really knew the area, having been here every year since 1986. And he recommended this motel, saying the food was good at the restaurant and the rooms were great. The room is big, all right, but in order to keep the ceiling fan going, the lights have to be on. Going to be hot sleeping here.

So, Cornerbrook tomorrow. Then maybe Rocky Harbour, depending how it goes. Or down towards the ferry and leave a day early. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.