Thursday, March 27, 2014

Enough, already!

This is the winter of our discontent.
Not much to do with the John Steinbeck classic novel, a lot to do with the excruciatingly long winter we're having. And as I write this, guess what? It's snowing. It's March 27th and the temperature outside when I got up was -20°C, right now it's windy and just zero, but it's snowing again, dammit.

That said, it's supposed to warm up a little during the day tomorrow, although the nights are still going to be below freezing and the words, "a mix of rain and freezing rain" are never welcome. When will it end?

This is my friend Janie's cottage on Kushog Lake, shot yesterday. I sent her this picture and her response was,  "Are you kidding me? I cant believe all the snow... I guess spring may be a while away. See you in July. LOL" 

I've been hibernating, I'll admit. I just don't feel like going out there much. I was in Haliburton on Camera Club business today, didn't even bring my camera, what am I going to shoot, more snowy scenes? To top it off, it appears that when I fell and broke my wrist in January, I also injured my rotator cuff, so my shoulder is really sore. My hand hasn't healed yet either so I'm really not that comfortable. It would really help to look out on a world that wasn't deeply buried in the white stuff.

I know, I know. "Do you want some cheese to go with that whine"? Yeah.

I revisited this little house when Myrtle and Joe came up last week and captured this image. You have to admit it's pretty.  

Here's a shot of another house down the road. Both of these pictures were processed using Topaz Simplify, it adds such a great painterly feel, don't you think? This is one of my favourite Photoshop plugins. You can buy it here for $39.99. Sometimes it goes on sale, keep watching my blog to find out when! I'll give you a heads-up.
I thought I'd add a couple more pictures from my visit to Sir Sam's last week. The Magic Carpet ski lift is so photogenic! 

Cool facial expression! You have to wonder what she was thinking! At least some people are enjoying winter. 

OK, Jim is too! He's my neighbour and came by with this 10 lb lake trout he caught ice fishing the other day! I understand this put him in second place in the tournament going on this week. The ice fishing huts are slowly coming off the lakes, the law says they have to be in by the end of the month.  

So I guess it hasn't been a bad season for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Travel Plans

I'm really thinking about going somewhere this summer. I saw some fantastic pictures from Iceland last weekend that made me want to go there but I think it's too expensive. The idea of going to Newfoundland again is rattling around in my mind. Perhaps driving out, going up the East Coast and crossing over to Labrador this time. Anyone want to come along? What with the cost of gas... get in touch if you're thinking about it.

Here are a couple of shots from last time I was there:


Something off the wall

I thought I'd close with something completely out of my normal comfort zone.

"Thou Shalt Not...". I used a star trails shot I did last summer and started playing with textures and colours and warping and liquifying things, then I thought about sending a beam of energy in the direction of the North Star. Then I thought maybe we're not supposed to do that and someone up there was delivering a stern warning...

— 30 —