Friday, January 11, 2013

Yahoo, Winter!

It's finally winter!

We haven't gotten a single big snowfall, just an inch or two at a time over the past week or two. There's probably 5 or 6 inches on the ground now, and some foolhardy people have also put their ice fishing huts out on the lake. Now that we have some snow here, I changed the header photo to a winter picture. For the record, here's the old one (they disappear from the blog as soon as they're updated):


It's Friday morning and the weather Gods have seen fit to rain on our parade. It went well above freezing yesterday and today is supposed to get almost to double digits: that's +10°C or 50°F. You know what that's going to do to our snow, right? Also the ice on the lake: but in talking to several locals, that will have less effect than one would think. Ice thickness is more dependent on night time temperatures and they said if the white snow melts, leaving black ice visible, the next nighttime freeze will thicken the ice substantially. Some people say there's as much as 9" of ice thickness now.

That said, the dog sled derby is scheduled for next weekend, as is the first of the ice racing sessions, both of which I want to photograph; I hope they come to pass. Also the following two weekends are the Pond Hockey championships, for which I volunteered as a photographer; they're more likely not to be affected because there's time. More on this next time.


Ice Fishing on 12 Mile Lake

I don't know what it is about this image. I shot it with the 400mm lens in a snowstorm, there was nothing there. I added a threshold adjustment layer in CS6 then selected the subjects and expanded the selection edges and inverted, then filled with white to clean up. The border is from Silver Efex Pro. I see it as a large print. Does anyone else? Sorry about the watermark, please try to ignore it. 

I picked up my ATV from the shop yesterday (needed a new switch for the winch that controls the snow plow). It was so warm that Jason was washing their snowmobiles with a bucket and hose, not something you normally can do in January! Their little excavator called out to me... can you hear it? "HDR me. HDR me!" so I did...

Your classical grungy overprocessed high detail, high saturation HDR. But come on. I had to... 
That's it for now. Off to Toronto for a couple of days, have to see how the city folk are making out! 'till next time!

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