Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quiet Month

Despite the fact that I haven't had much time to get out and shoot pictures, I feel the need to post here to update the Blog. I haven't been totally idle: for instance, I participated in the B.A.D. Ride with over 1000 other motorcyclists. It was a long day since I rode back up North right afterward, but it was a day of "participation", not "observation". In other words, I didn't shoot a lot of road pictures as in previous years. I did get a couple of good images, including this one during the demo from the Toronto Police "Winged Wheels" Precision Motorcycle Team.

I had decided in advance that I was going to do some slow
shutter speed shots. It's tricky.
I didn't shoot anything in the city for a couple of weeks. But when I went up North, I went for a short bike ride (disappointed: the Fiery Grill in Dorset is closed on Mondays!) and took a few shots while I was there. There were some brightly coloured things, like picnic tables, windows, etc. And a long pier that called to me..."wide angle", it said. "Wide angle..."

I used the Perspective control while cropping this image in Photoshop. It wasn't anywhere near as wide as this when I shot it.

Then finally, when I got home, I saw a guy go out on the lake on a seadoo. The attraction of this toy escapes me. He went out for 5 or 10 minutes, did a few donuts and then returned to the dock. I'm sure it's fun for a few minutes, but what do you do after that?

Well, back to the city on Thursday. I'm slowly working on my next book and dealing with some other issues. Watch this space for our plan to run at least one course this summer... we're still trying to decide what level we're going to teach. All kinds of people are asking for a basic DSLR course, and basic Photoshop, but we want to do something more advanced. Now's your chance to let me know what YOU might want. email me.